Saving the game from BigFishGames is different from the original. Click the "i" at the bottom. Click menu. Then Quit. Then just click Continue the next time.

After you get outside, you do have what you need to get in the house with the automoton next to the door. When inside you need something by the hat rack.

In the church you can move the jammed thing in the bureau without leaving the room.

When you see Momo you can draw the picture without leaving the attic.

In the factory you can enter a room to the left of the stairs. Read the brochure and look at the color of the piece of wood.

In the university, when standing on the large sign on the floor go left, but also bring the doll to the right.

In the library you can get a book on a shelf and a book on a table.

Just inside the station there is a phone to the left with a sign above it.

The Stationmaster goes to the bridge.

Enter the same numbers as in the phone call then push the left star.

After the train moves you can get to another area.

After you put the handle in the slot you can click above it.

After Oscar has his hands stolen there is something on the floor.

After you read the letter you have to make a call.

After you get the blood testing thing the container must not be raised up for now. The second light turning yellow means a sample was accepted.

You can't use the crank in the immediate area.

After you get behind the counter you must take the brochure. You will need it to make the drink.

The bar has a cabinet. Vodka is second from left. Blue Curacao is third from left. You can not uncrystalize the honey in this area.