When you see the church there is a rock in front of it.

When you get to the pipe puzzle, look at the map on the left. The center symbol is the fountain. You want the correct gauge to be at it's top level.

In the circus you need to win the knock down game.

After you distract the tattoo guy you can take the needle, which does open the lock.

You can use a key on a clock, then you can get the video tape. Go back to the teddie bear later.

When you get to the chalkboards click on the first letter of each sentance. Then unscramble them. One of them is "KEY HIDES TO".

When you get to a locked cabinet, look under the pillow.

Call the 12 o'clock position 1. The answer is 5 2 2 4 1 3

After you get a machine part, go to the lower level. The way out is on the lower right. You will have to throw the part. Then go back in for another part. You will have to climb a rope.

After you open drawer #7, use the matches on it.

When you get to the gongs, ring then in order from largest to smallest. Then talk to the fisherman spirit and his wife. Outside the water temple the picture of the man is the last one.

At the Jaquar temple, notice the symbols by the steps, from bottom up.

You can walk on the tongue and get the mask.

In the ooze puzzle you have to get to the statue with the lighted orb.