There is ammo near the bed.

Use knife on TV.

Hand on black square in the closet.

When you get to the demon, glass on fishing pole.

When you reach a dead end on the bottom floor go back to the top floor, and go through the opening on the right.

When you get to the depressed guard look out the window.

From the pool you can see a door.

Walk deep into the pool and look at the rocks to the right. Something is sparkling. After using the key there is a way to open the cell.

Talk to the food guard again. Go up the plank in this room and to the dining room.

Go out and to the far left. There is a guard at the top of the stairs. But you can grab a book while he isn't looking. If you can't get the book talk to the food guard some more. You have to go back to the room below this later to get onion soup.

From the kitchen keep looking at the shelf to the south even after it says it's useless.

When you get the metal detector go back to the cave past the elevator.

After using a key remember what it was you used next to open doors.

After seeing the monster the door is locked. Shoot to door. When you see another monster shoot that too.

You get squashed by a pillar but it's not real so just go that way again.

Get a spear then go back to the locked door. This time use the gross key. Hand on cot.

The first key you got to the cabin works too. Get a feather and bullets. You can walk upper left into the closet. In the other room it's hand on fireplace. Get vine and something on the floor.

In the torture chamber room you can read something on the wall.

From above the monster click on the beam above it. It's fastened with screws.