F5 saves or loads a game. Ctrl C quits the game.

My hints are for Dave, Wendy, and Razor.

Do not use the paint remover on the painting. You need the paint remover later. This is a dead end.

When you get the cut scene of the doorbell ringing and Ed gets a package you must get this package before Ed does or the game is a dead end. Have someone wait by the mailbox.

Another dead end is opening the envelope to soon. Put the envelope in the microwave. Pour tap water on the envelope. Leave the jar of water in the microwave. Use microwave and you can open the envelope without ripping it.

When feeding the green tentacle use the waxed fruit. Otherwise you have to give it all the other food. For drinking give the fruit drinks.

For the flashlight the batteries in the radio are the best.

In the dungeon you can use the old rusty key. But even without it if two characters are in it, one can get out. Push the loose brick below the left window.

If you have to cut the power to the house use the circuit breaker in the cellar. But if you leave it off too long something bad happens.

If you have to mail something raise the flag but don't wait outside. Wait inside for a while (twice) for cut scenes.

In the cellar if you are on the front side of the pipes you can reach the light switch. Lookat left of the stairs.

You can open the door with no knob by pushing the gargoyle.

Go past the kitchen and dining room to use the silver key.

The bottle breaks and the developer drips below. Collect it with the sponge when you go past the outdoor grate later. The pool water cools the reactor and is radio active. Do not use it with the envelope.

In the library the last panel is loose.

Razor turns on the TV and gets a needed address.

Go to the piano and play the tentacle's record. Make a cassette tape of this record.

Dave lifts weights and can now lift the grate in front of the house, and the door by the pool. Past the grate there is a valve that empties the pool. There is stuff to get at the bottom of the pool. Save the game before turning the valve.

Radioactive water makes the man eating plant grow. Pepsi makes it not dangerous. You might not have enough dimes yet but you need to look in a lit room with the telescope. Don't waste dimes.

Wendy uses the manuscript in the typewriter.

Use the paint remover near the man eating plant.

Have one player hide by Edna's room. Other player goes in and gets caught. First player goes in while she is away. Get the key and go up the ladder. Open the painting.

For Ed's room one player hides in the weight room. Get three dimes, the hampster, and a key card.

The number in the telescope is by the spider. It is right twice.

The yellow key opens the car trunk. Save the game first because the car takes off if you put it on the car. Go to the room near the man eating plant. Save the game again. The wires fix the games in the arcade room.

The small key will get your quarter back.

You keep all your people out of the arcade room. Wait for a cut scene of Dr. Fred playing Meteor Mess. His high score is the number you want. Play the game after he does. If Dr. Fred plays again the number changes.

Razor plays the piano and tapes the music. The green tentacle likes it. Razor does something with the envelope in the room with the man eating plant.

When the doorbell rings look in the mailbox.

Before going in the lab, have the yellow key and the key card.

Open the locker. Use the key card and turn the switch. Put the meteor in the trunk.