You can get some bread in the shop next to the balloon guy.

When you are at the doors that go out to the street, besides going left, you can also go right.

Fill the empty balloons (dead worms) from both the blue and the red when you get that far. You may have to use them more than once before you talk to the repair guy.

Get the fire extinguisher. Talk to the repair guy. Lock the open door. Use the punched ace when you get inside.

Find the coral and the mouth guard in the same room. When you go back to the rope you can do something else besides climb down. You will need the coral here.

You have to put the balloon cat in the dish first, then the bread.

Use the mouth guard in the auto area.

Save the game when you get in the car, it could jam here. Push P to get out of the car. Get the sign and bring it to the next area. Put it on the darkest spot in the lower center. If it only spins it's the wrong spot. Get the key and go back to the first area. Drive to new areas from here.

Move the wheel barrow so the two pumps on the left side of the tree go together and then the two on the other side go together. When he says, not enough, he means weight.

Save the game at the beavers. With a beaver above you, throw a bone in the tar. Push 2 to get the fire extinguisher fast. You have to do it three times.

Get the letters in Manny's office. Go downstairs. The stairs aren't jammed. You can go back up. Talk to the green guy. After looking around town, talk to him again.

In the Blue Casket, show the letters to the locals near the book. Give the book to a SeaBee.

Take a sip from the gold bottle you found in your bar just before going through the metal detector.

There are stairs to the left of the betting booth. But there is another betting booth without stairs. You go to this second one later on.

At the tattoo guy you can go behind him and go left. Open the drawer and come back out. Then if you have the right stuff you can use it when he looks left.

You want the captain to think the sailer is dead, He is dead, but even more dead.

When you see a waiter walking around, you want to trap him somehow. Then push 1 to get the sythe fast. Then go up the ladder and use the can opener from the big cat area.

Get the truck as close as you can to the button. Get off and push the button. While it is going up, drive the forks into the slot. When it catches on something, get off and pull the black lever.

When you get the cigarette case go to the metal dectector area.

When you get the note from the blue coat go to the tattoo guy. When you get the cat picture put 2 Tuesday 6 in the betting stub machine. The paper picture above the weekday prints it. Go to the betting booth without the stairs. It's to the right when you face the track.

After freeing the SeaBee find his tools. Then go to your office and fix the roulette table. When the light comes on for the bottom right table, press the magnet button.

Use the right or left lever to move the ship back and forth. Drop the anchors at the correct time so they get hooked together.

Talk to the lantern guy. When he stop on the right side of the lit area grab him. While struggling, turn toward Glottis. Next, get the lantern guy stuck in the tentacles.

If you get stuck on the conveyor belt, try the shift and the left arrow when you see the lever maybe. But always save the game before going on the conveyor belt.

After you get the hammer, go to the ashtray and use it till you get the stockings.

After using the drill on the vault you can turn the wheel. Get the flat side of the tumblers all facing right. Then use the scythe. Close the door and use the scythe on the circuit above it.

On the beach, use the drill on the scoop of the crane.

When you get to the pigeon, give him the letter and the picture. The man leaves a green slime trail. Get the remote control from the car.

You can climb a latter and get above the two cast members.

There is a machine that makes fake snow. Use the bone arm in the grinder. Push P to take it with you.

When you get to the guy with the gun, there is some tape above the door.

When you get the sheet on charlie, talk to the unicyle guy.

When you get to the crack, put some bone chips in, then sproutella.