Tim has the power to float up in the air, click float.

To give a inventory item to the other player click use, then the item, then the other player.

At the store only Tim goes inside and tries to work the TV. Tiffany helps outside. Get the antenna and a flower.

At the bar, Tiffany talks to Doctor Love. Try to give the flower. Talk to bouncer. Go outside of the bar to get the password.

Find the cat in the alley with the bum.

Tim gets scissors and a headband from office. Scissors on slippers. Cotton balls on headband.

Tiffany talks to Doctor Love. The number is important.

There is a KISS cd in your office.

It takes two to get the honey.

Read from Bovino's desk to find out he is at the cliff.

Use the silver bowl on the sink.

You can find stuff in the mansion to make the candle.

The bum said he had a special skill.

Gold bowl under cow, the scare the cow.

Give the sticker and two crayons to Tim and save the game. Talking to each can open a door.

At the demon the twins talk to each other. Tim uses crayon on smiley face.

Have to move without footsteps somehow.