Go up the stairs and get a goozen fruit.

Two doors to the right of that, open it. Inventory is the space bar.

Get the pen. Make sure it says pen under the cursor and click the white hand. Get the bag from the closet.

You can talk to the cook. Put one word in the text box. Put "knife".

Go south from the first room you were in to go to the map. You came from the Palace.

Go to the Council of Science and talk to Brafok.

After using the key word "stomach" talk to the scientist who is looking for something in the archive. Keep trying if it doesn't work. Then get the plans from a student.

Get the application form above and try to get it signed. Then get the plans again and put it on the form.

After getting the strange stone, listen to what is said at the slave stand in the market. Go left and can get a bucket.

Go back up the stairs and get a permit in the bar. It's for the Margin Factory.

After getting the Margin Cleaner get the Lantern Cage outside.

If you need wine, where would people be drinking it?

Water is by Temple of Fertility.

A key word is "Morok", and you are not requesting dark.

Buy a statue in the market. Sometimes Brafok turns his back.

In the Inn mention "festival" to Groth. Then "sex". Then show her something. Get a glass before leaving.

Pick things up in the temple and say "margin". Use the mace on the wall.

To scroll down the inventory use the mousewheel or arrow keys.

Ask for a mop in the Council of Science. Put margin in the margin cleaner for a trade.

Get the bright goozon fruit from Goozen Park. Then get a goozon from the fruit stand.

Use the juice extacter in the kitchen to make juice. Make the lantern shining bright.

Get some more water.

Get an object from the Margin Factory.

Buy another fish and another herb. Use knife on fish and make another mixture.

Say "margin" to the fortune teller and as soon as he puts down the cup put the mixture in it. Then say "king" and get his margin.

Say "rod" to the fish guy.

Dip the mop in water. Use the knife on Groth's suit. Use piece of leather on mug of margin. Use the leather as bait. Use the bait on the Eye of Geltz on the large statue.

Right click on Pedestals and on the dark side of the face. Then look at your statues. The yellow round ones effect the bottom floor. The triangles effect the second floor.