When you get to the office, put the clock in short term memory among other things. Talk about the mainframe first, then the time.

Besides the phone there is something else in your inventory.

If you get a password wrong on the big computer, it says you can type "/help".

When you get to search by sample do the can swab again.

When you get the document number you need, it's in the drawer.

When you get to the Juno lab put the valve in short term memory and show it to Saul.

You can put a new item over an old item in the STM to replace something.

You later put Saul's story on Saul to remind him about the window.

There is a loose paper at the bottom of the journal.

Someone drops an empty pill bottle, get the name of the drug. On the 2nd floor of the hospital look at folders and find that drug.

Ray gives cotton swabs to Anna.

Someone can get to floor 9 in the hospital. You need to get some DNA from the body.

Ray can put the mainframe in short term on floor 7.

Put the ultra sonograph on the puzzle box. A small three sided gadget can fit inside a larger three sided gadget. Whoever solves the puzzle box needs to get the City archive from the cop station in their STM.

Give the master key card to Ray. From LTM put Get Will and death cert on Officer Johnson, and the blueprints.

You have to open the USB port before you can use it.

Get the letter of the will. Write down how far left or right the letter of the blueprint is. Get the number of the will. Write down how far left or right the number of the blueprint is. Add these to M20.

When Bennet says he can't quite remember, use the alleyway door from LTM.

When you get the fuses, right click on them.

Put the note from inventory on one of the gravestones.

It doesn't matter if you destroy the vault or open the vault.

The secret knock changed, look at the Haiku in inventory.

Click on Resonance device in inventory and check text messages.

After you get the magnet and trace 14A, there is a new location on the map.

Use the sonograph on the locker.

You have to get the key between the coat and the handle. Get the key as far left on the magnet as you can.

Be aggressive, Tell him he betrayed you, Threaten to write about him, Ed should say “I’m not a bad guy” When he does, change to “go interrogative”, Ask why he did it, Ed will mention Amul and Reno so ask about them, Ed will now start talking and Bennet will trace his number.

When Ray is talking to Bennet, talk about the DNA database (LTM)

Stand by a maintenance door and try the smartphone.

You can either destroy Ed by getting him between resonance devices, or Ray can agree with Ed.

Call Ed a sociopath, then ask how you can stop them, Instead of not wanting to betray Bennet select News Reports from LTM.

To see the other ending, Ray asks a question then steps back, Bennet takes three steps forward, Then keep talking.