You can open the map and then click on junk.

From the room with the phonograph you can find an LCD screen and also go outside and find a rag.

You can find a crystal in the bedroom.

After you see some numbers on a computer, click down to see them all, go to the telescope and get two more areas on the map.

After you get the CPU unit you can combine things in the inventory and make a mobile energy sensor.

When you figure out what to do with the sticky rag you can also use the finger.

When you get to the unit with the sparks there is a panel on it.

After you use the elevator use the mobile energy sensor to determine which monitor Gamma is in. Then use your Plasma Torch to destroy a monitor in which Gamma is NOT in!

There is a power source upper left of the train in the junk yard.

You can get in something by using the bomb.

You could figure out the code for the bomb but a 6 goes before it, according to alpha and beta.

When you get the laws it's important to right click on it in iventory.

Also right click on the tower door.

Crispin can move a cable.

When you get to the bridge put something on Crispin.

You can trade a hat for a memory access device.

Past the pipe with water coming out you can find a gold chain and your book.

After you get to the gears there is a disc on the floor.

Use Gospel of Man on Leopold.

After you see red line mispelled in red, enter the mispelling.

Then enter the three capital letters.

Then enter the word in quotes.

Then enter the last word.

The numbers are letters in the alphabet.

The first letter of these words as seen in the data pouch.