When you get to the metal sink notice how hard the floor is.

After you get four animal traps, click on the curtain. Put traps in front of the mannequin as it moves. You can put one on a corner of four squares or on the brown wood across from a corner.

You can still finish the game if you don't have all the scrap pieces.

You can reach the ending where she let's you go, if you have the right stuff.

Choose "Your mother loved you".

Give her the blue folder and the to-do list.

She wants more proof, this time about the painter. Give her the hate letter Then give her the page signed by R.

Lastly, she wants proof about your own love. Give her the photo that you found in the Geimann art gallery. Then give her your journal.

Staying with her is an ending without anyone dying. If you have enough points in the game you can reach it.