Save the game a lot because you can die. And have more than one save.

There is a net in the water by the pier.

There is a picket from a picket fence on the beach. North twice from this picket there is a girl in red you can talk too, but she isn't always there, you can try going there again.

West from here you can get a pearl.

In the forest somewhere you can use the net on something yellow.

You can get a white feather.

When you see gold, use your sword. You can get fools gold.

You can find a fruit on a path with many trees. And there are earings nearby.

You can find a mallet before the town.

Possum's basket will either be on the northern beach area, in the eastern part of the forest, next to the path that leads to town or near the south-eastern part of the forest.

You can get a yellow flower.

You can fool the mechant using the fountain, then talking, then taking and leaving fast.

After you get a gold brooch with saphire go south 4 times then east and make a bowl of lemon water, which pumpkins like. You can get a candle.

There is a letter under a door and you can get it now. Read the letter.

There is a writing quill in the library and sometimes the librarian looks the other way. Read a book.

There is a bridge that goes across the chasm. You can find something by the bridge.

After talking to the door, read another book in the library.

Keep talking to the merchant until he takes the pearl in trade.

The mermaid is north of the pier, but like the girl before, not always there.

You can find a bottle, then go south, west, west, north. Get some grass. There are luminous fish near the grass. It gets too dark soon unless you can make something like a lantern.

Go south thrice, west, south, and west twice. This is not the main entrance. There is something fishy about the wall.

Go west, west, east, east, use sword.

The seahorse could distract the guards. Leave it on hand icon for now. From the bottom 5 7 7 2 Take and get out fast and go south. You can skip the arcade, it's not adventure game stuff. You can use the trident but you don't fight with it.

Go east twice, north, east, north twice and east four times.

Get a needle from the haystack.

Talk to two women in town and then go to the cave.

Touch the right skull. Use the Birth Gem on the left skull. Use the mallet on the left skull. Touch the left skull. Enter the cave.

Get something from the cloak. You have something that will keep the bird quiet. you have to be fast.

There is a way to open a trap door in the antique shop, and get a potion. You can't use the carpet in the town.

Use opal on snake.

Read from the wall and from the book. You can make a potion. Sword on flint makes a flame. Use the picket on the sword.

Use emerald on snake.

Use the carpet. Go 1 west of where the girl was. Use the emerald on the correct rock. After getting the air gem touch the horse real fast.

Now the church is open.

Wander around the woods until you hear a girl crying. You should find Possum one screen away.

Hide behind the tree house.

After getting coins and soup, get cloak and ring from grandma.

Go to the swamp. The bible page is a clue.

The magic sugar cube gives protection. So does the cloak.

You can find a shovel.

Ruby ring on count.

Go to the library.

Show bracelet to ghosts.

After you are done with the castle go back to the lake and get a reed.

Kill wolves with sword.

Dip the needle in toxic water and use it like a dart gun.

After getting the death gem go back to the library in town.

On the bridge put thge gems in the cloth. Use the cloth in the best way. Then talk. Use the knife just slightly east of your foot.

Blue, Green, Red, Tower Realm

After crossing water there is a dark spot on the sand between a blue and a purple bush.

Get quartz and coconut. Fill coconut half with water. Go to other dark spot. Read then pour water on it.

Emerald on lion. Cat hair on potion. After tricking Hagatha adjust the mirror.