There is a bug in the program. You have to try to give the pulse reader to Wilson before talking to him.

Help Wilson with the door and get an ID card.

You can fix the broken pot with something sticky.

You can get the metal rod in the snow with hot water if but you have to grab fast after pouring.

At the crack in the floor you need gum.

In the new room you can get a lengthining piece.

There is a DVD player in ine of the rooms.

After you power the necklace go to the tents.

After you get the red wire you can just go south.

When you see a metal piece out of reach behind a door, use the pulse reader. In the next room put the light on the drain. See where the drain goes then put the metal piece down the drain.

Go outside and left of the ship. Use pickaxe on statue head. Use watch on the vine by the tree.

Get the lighter then go back in the ship. Move a floor panel and connect the battery, which was near the water. The metal parts are used to make a key.

Down the hole and go left.

Use screwdriver on panel.

When the short robot attacks you run back and hide. Push the heavy object.

Behind the boxes is a door that can be smashed open.

Teleport back to the cave and go past the guard. Use the battery and the blue cartidge, upload something then take them back. Teleport again, the cartidge can control the robots.

Save the game and look at this ending - Use the ship, fulfil your task.

Choose the other ending, get the stone plate from the Control Station.

Go back to the cave and to the hole before the steps. You need the metal plate.

Back above the cave to the right there is a slot which opens the door.

Blue crystal in the hole.

Get gunpowder and make a weapon.

Key card on chest. There are three cables.