The vender tells you about a terminal. There is one close by. Once in it drag Matthius Howard into search, then click on M. Howard on left.

When the stick gets stuck, kick the stick.

To avoid getting shot you need to make it back to the other apartment on the same floor fast.

After you talk to Balder in the gym, go to maintenance and use mouth on door to the right. You need to get something from the tool shed inside. She says something about a secret stash.

In the gun testing area there is a grate on the floor.

After you get the gun to the gym, use hand on Balder. After the gun moves again, go the the mess hall to get help.

By the Boryokudan building there is some muck.

To fix the lock picks click on the hole or something then right click on the stabilizer.

Go to the trash heap, two screens left from the newspaper guy.

When you call Kenneth choose pilot and the ticket to Taurus.

You can log into the terminals with the mafia ID card, and put in the serial number. You can drag the name you get into search.

The guy on the floor needs meds. In a different building there is stuff on the far right of the second floor.

A hotel receptionist has some info you need.

On a console check the journal entries.

After you get tied up, there is a shard to your left.

Talk to Balder when he is in the right spot.

After you free Kane, go left to the corpse, then down the ramp on the foreground.

When Kane leaves follow him all the way left.

After some cut scenes and you get the gas mask, go near the ladder to the reactor.

When Azriel gets to the director, use gun on director.