You might look at the strategy quide if you get stuck. But it could just give you the answer which is less fun. Here are some clues instead:

When it is visiting hour, connect all the hands together. Sometimes you have to go back out of this building.

The feet and inches go with the eye exam chart

When you get to the door with the eye puzzle you need to get it to twelve eyes.

You have to raise all the bellies.

Door tokens are only in the collectors edition of the game. One of the door tokens goes in the room with the three gauges.

There is a blue pill somewhere near the carriage, inside you can use the books. If you cause some shaking you can get another book upstairs.

There is also a pill in the medicine cabinet.

This part is gross but after clipping, if the foot doesn't shake, you don't have all the nails.

You need to steam up the mirror.

When you get to a door puzzle with rulers, you can grab the red handle and move it around, don't just click on it. You also grab the arms and move them. The top ruler is the number you get when you solve the card. The red circle goes to the bottom ruler. The numbers have to be circled exactly center.

When you open the window you need something that can be used like a rope to get down.

When you get back outside you can get some things that you need. Here is a hint. They are in different colors.

The door token that looks like a clock is in the room where the baby was born. And a door token for the last door is on the speaker.

If you take a close look at Rose she is giving right and left directions. There are two doors to the right.