When chased by Babbitt(the mini-golf guy) go out to the roof.

The space bar shows all the hot spots.

When you get to the guy with the phone reciever, when talking choose "Look Brucey - It's a boy".

Use straw with stinkydrink.

The pinking sheers can be used later to do a separating.

After using the laundry lift, turning lights on then back off will show a cut scene.

Use the knife on the locked drawer under Marcel's dipoloma.

Use Harvey's second ability on the cocktail menu, then add new things to the menu.

When the digging guy to busy to talk you can leave, come back, and get some clay.

Use the ketchup on Mr Frock.

After getting shocked try to get the gold. Ask about gym class and guess the color red. If you don't get this choice go back to therapy. Choose heads.

If you want to go downstairs but the driver is there, chew gum and throw it out the window.

What was the way to open car doors in older cars?

To start the car you need an expert on electricity.

Besides the chef something else is new in the kitchen.

You can talk to Hoti and Moti.

Give potatoes to Beeman, Roast Chicken to Prof. Nock, fork on foot.

Look for finger prints on the TV.

Make it say LET ME OUT in the garden. Put a stone on top of the T in LET. Put a stone halfway down the M on the left side of the M. Put a stone halfway down the T in OUT. The stones on the right side are spaced further apart. When it's correct click on the rake.

Put the headphones in the organ hatch.

The first b on left of keyboard goes to the hatch.

Play music from sheet.

After Key Master puts on the headphones, hit the bell.

Get broken shards from a gnome.

After you break the key you need pliars.

Use shards on tub then use broken key.

You don't need to find more gold.

After you get out of your bedroom save the game to see both endings.