Switch to Joey by clicking the J.

Right click on the graffiti on the wall inside. See what word is underlined. Now Rosa can use that word to find a key.

Once Rosa is inside and close enough, Joey can go up and see the ghost.

When you get in the police station look for the bulletin board.

When you see the note about a clothing drive, you need to get this note. You use it in the church.

After getting past the screen saver there is info that can go in the phone search.

After Rosa talks to Kendra, buy something at the Wired Abacus. Then look up on your phone the game Kendra plays, Trollgate.

In the Fielding apartment there is a card on the small table next to the couch, Joey can blow on it.

At the bar Joey can blow on a glass.

You need to get the date on which Peter's father died.