Save the game before danger because you can die.

There is a newspaper under the telephone.

After you find out about the other people, there is one in the tree.

The lounge is the room with the rocking chair.

Day 2 To drain the pool get the yellowish book. You can also get a blue book.

Prove to Philip that he is digging in the wrong area.

After going out the window, you want to cut down the tree from below.

After you get the teddy read the red diary.

The teddy looks down at first but that changes. When it says down again it's actually the wall to the left. In the new room keep looking at the teddy to find the exact spot, then just use your hands.

As soon as the killer steps on the rug, pull the rug.

Get a black book.

Talk to Simone again and find scirrors in this room, use on apron.

When you get to the tiles combine things in inventory.

Before bringing back the dead, get two freinds to join you, and get a rifle. Give the teddy to Jim.