Name Recommend Games and Comment on them
axgm8 Quest For Glory It's not totally adventure because there is also a lot of fighting. But it's great and it's like King's Quest. Get it at
MartianRed NeoFeud It's an awesome game. Too bad it's so Marxist politically though.
Gamer1 The Last Express It would be one of the best if you didn't have to start over all the time. If you miss something you have to start again at the beginning.
glazierovert 92
peppermintbooth 57
icehockeyjoss 62
optimisticnautilus 55
harrisjolly 85
kolkconsolidated 99
melodiccosmetologist 58
lakeshorelunch 28
oarlift 90
correspondentre... 79
addictloathsome 95
wakefulblueberry 93
hookcandy 93
optimizationmellow 65
fragilereallife 99
chapmoving 93
roomyawake 43