June 9, 2018

Letter to the editor of the American Free Press

The first duty of a historian is the truth, the whole truth. Who only tells the half-truth is a whole liar. I do not accuse Kevin Barrett writer of the article: ”Censorship Plague Infects America” (American Free Press, 5/21/2018) of lying, but ignorance. I quote: “On May 1933 pro-Nazi Germans gathered in Berlin to stage a gigantic book-burning bonfire.” That is true, but a half truth.

In 1916 England and France were about to lose the war. Germany offered a just peace with no winners and losers. Enter the Zionists. The siren song was: You do not have to give up. We will bring the United States into the war if you give us Palestine. Wilson had promised the American public to stay out of the fray. But then the Jewish dominated media set to work. In Orwell’s 1984 big brother degreed a weekly two minutes hate, which stirred the people to a hate frenzy. What swamped over the American Germans and everything German was not only a two minutes hate, but a hate which lasted for years. German literature and German authors were pulled from libraries and publically burned. Judging from the pictures I have seen I would guess that more books were burned in the United States than in Germany.

The book burnings in Germany and in the United States had different motives. In the United States the motive was hate, hate for everything German. In Germany it was a fight against the decadence of the Weimarer Republic. What is decadence? It is the disconnection of the instinct from its purpose, namely to sustain life and assure the survival of the specie. The decadent Romans stuck a feather down their throats in order to vomit and then be able to gorge themselves some more. Western societies not only promote homosexuality, but all sex as long as it satisfies the sexual itch. The books burned in Berlin was mostly pornography and homosexual literature. Magnus Hirschfeld (Jewish) an avid supporter of homosexuality ran an institute with an extensive collection of every sexual perversion imaginable. The Hirschfeld collection went up in flames. After the defeat of National Socialism decadence in Germany, (and not only Germany) made a roaring comeback. The present German government resurrected and financially supports the Hirschfeld Institute.